Rodrigo is 16 years old. When his father passed away the main source of income for the family was lost and he was forced to go to work at the age of 14 in a textile factory to help the family survive. He lives with several other brothers and sisters in Lanzone, an extremely poor neighbourhood of the San Martin area Rodrigo is a shy adolescent who does not talk much but is always very polite and very respectful and determined to follow through with his dental treatment.  When he arrived for the first time in Sonrisa III he was in extreme pain. He could not brush his teeth due the extent of infection and decay in his mouth. Most of his teeth were mere blackened stubs. He had heard about our clinics by word of mouth and came to check out if we could help him with his constant pain. 

When asked what he expected from us he replied “I just want the pain to go because I cannot eat nor sleep anymore” Even if his mother had suggested he brush his teeth he admitted to have never brushed them because “ he did not know what brushing would do to change his situation”. 

A total of 14 of his 32 teeth could not be saved.

His treatment will be long but so far Rodrigo has shown determination and commitment to his dental health. He has only a few teeth left but we will crown the front teeth and fix dentures for the back so he can continue to eat normally. His constant smile of relief when he is with us says more than a million thank you’s because even if he has lost half of his teeth we will manage to save the others and eventually he will recover a more normal life with full function of his mouth and a healthy smile .