In the past six years Todos Juntos has established itself over the geographical area of the Municipality of San Martin (second largest district of Buenos Aires) where more then one tenth of the total population live in slum dwellings.

Todos Juntos has several ongoing activities related directly to making long lasting improvements to the conditions of the slum dwellers.

We support a network of rundown soup kitchens and kindergartens by supplying refrigerators, kitchen stoves, hot water boilers, beds, books, tables, chairs and toys. We provide school supplies, shoes, clothes, blankets, mattresses and food to the poorest children and their families.

We also believe in the concept of one man’s unwanted goods being another’s resource and so offer a very cost-effective outlet for huge quantities of discarded clothes and goods that Buenos Aires expatriates and residents of the northern suburbs might otherwise discard each year.

From Christmas Parties to the building of a small brick home for a family in need, to shoe drops, food drops and the construction of a small kindergarten, all donations to Todos Juntos, both financial and in kind, have allowed us to grow and expand our help over the years and become an important provider of basic needs to families living in extremely precarious conditions.