Each clinic costs £10,000 per annum for the dental supplies, medicines, the utilities and the dentist’s salary.  Could you sponsor a clinic for a month (£800), a Quarter (£2500) or for a full year? Your name would be on the door for all to see and you would make a difference to 2,500 children smiles. What a wonderful gift !



Dental students are able to gain experience  during their dental elective. Although the resident dentist will supervise at all times, dental students have enjoyed the experience of treating extreme cases of dental decay. Volunteering is by arrangement only and Spanish speaking is important.


PLEASE run, swim or ride for the clinics!

We have had marathon runners, sponsored walks, wine tastings, clothes swapping sales, cake sales…..

Every pound helps!

This is an organisation set up to make giving even easier. It is a secure site on which you can make easy donations with your credit card. We are immediately informed about your donation and you will receive an immediate receipt.

AND - if you want to raise funds for Todos Juntos by organising your own event, you can publicise it to your friends and can set up your very own personal Appeal Page.

It really is simple . All you need to do is go to:


Please click on our Just Giving site to make a donation. Just £10 can save a child's smile.